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Let me guess: You’ve finally decided to join free airdrops and receive some crypto coins. But, now, the question that pops up is how do you actually do that? What do you need? For starters, you’ll need social media accounts.

Although some airdrops simply give away their tokens, some of them usually require you to complete certain social media tasks. Don’t worry, it’s nothing big, but still it’ll require an account on main social media networks. Why?

Because most of the tasks will be related to them. For example, some tasks may include retweeting, or sharing a post. Others may require you to join a Telegram group, etc. So, which social media accounts do you need? Let’s find out.

Create a Twitter account

social media accounts twitter

Twitter is a social network and microblogging system, where you can find anything from entertainment to sport and politics.

So, if you don’t already have an account there, it would be good to create one. Why? Well, most airdrop-related tasks include tweeting or retweeting.

For example, Novem Gold, a gold-backed stablecoin, is distributing an airdrop this summer. If you want to join the airdrop you’ll have to follow the company on Twitter, and then retweet the pinned tweet.

Get on Telegram

social media accounts telegram

Telegram isn’t what you would call a regular social media platform. However, we decided to list it since it’s so popular in the crypto world, and it’s almost always necessary to participate in an airdrop.

Telegram is an encrypted messaging app that allows you to send messages fast, easily, and securely.

Most of the airdrops require you to have a Telegram account so you can join their group. For instance, Ten Billion Coin, a new blockchain platform for empowering Chinese industries, is holding an airdrop. Among different tasks, you’ll have to join their group on Telegram.

You also need a social media account on LinkedIn

social media accounts linkedin

LinkedIn is a business and employment social network, focused on professional networking. There, employers are posting jobs, and people are posting their CVs.

Sometimes, you’ll run into an airdrop that requires a LinkedIn account, like CryptoKnowmics. This is a decentralized platform aiming to become the largest media portal in the crypto space.

At the moment, the company is conducting an airdrop worth $1 million of CKM tokens in total. One of the tasks you have to complete to join the airdrop is following CryptoKnowmics on LinkedIn.

Create a Facebook account


From announcing its cryptocurrency Libra, Facebook raised hype in the crypto world. But, did you know that some airdrops might require that you have a Facebook account?

After all, it’s the biggest social media network with 2.38 billion active monthly users. And you’ll definitely need a Facebook account if you want to join USDX Wallet Airdrop, which is worth up to 10 USDX tokens (~$10).

This airdrop requires you to follow them on Facebook, and then like, comment on, and repost three of their latest posts.

Final words on social media accounts you need to collect airdrops

In this blog post we covered social media accounts that you need to have if you want to join an airdrop. Just keep in mind that every airdrop is unique, with its own requests and tasks.

So, before participating, make sure that you’ve read the guidelines carefully.