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Telegram groups are an excellent source for anything crypto-related. They’re packed with useful information and are a great source of news.

When it comes to finding verified airdrops, Telegram groups are especially popular and useful.

Every project that is serious about airdrop distribution should have an active group where members of community can participate in discussions and ask questions. Also, Telegram group should notify its members about a project’s progress, and post regular updates.

The bad side of the groups is that sometimes you can run into a scam trying to convince members to pay them money. Be careful and don’t fall for that.

The good news is that you can find Telegram groups that post regular updates and news about verified, legit airdrops. Moreover, in these groups you can ask questions and communicate with other members, which is especially useful if you’re a beginner.

So, what are some popular Telegram groups for finding airdrops? I’m so glad you’ve asked. Here they are:

Airdrop Alert Telegram group

telegram group airdrop alert

Airdrop Alert is a platform that raises awareness in the crypto community about airdrops.

On the website you can find information such as which airdrops are verified, about upcoming airdrops, plus a dashboard where you can track your portfolio.

This work is extended to their Telegram group. In it, you can find updates on airdrop news, exchange listings, etc. Currently, the group has 67.8k members. You can join the group here.

Find airdrops with Airdropers’ Telegram channel

telegram airdrops airdroper

Airdropers is a France-based airdrop platform regularly providing information about verified crypto airdrops.

On their website you can find a dashboard for easy navigation and control over your airdrops, along with a list of verified and rejected airdrops.

Airdropers is active on social media, and they have an active Telegram group. At the moment of writing, the group counts 27k members.

Bounties Alert: Telegram group for bounty hunters

telegram airdrops bounties alert

Bounties Alert is the perfect platform for bounty hunters, and everyone with aspirations to become one.

There you can find lists of new, featured, exclusive, upcoming, and past airdrops, all in one place. And the best thing? All these bounties are thoroughly checked before becoming verified.

The platform has a regularly updated Telegram group, where you can find bounty-related news, announcements of new projects, etc. So, don’t forget to join and start with bounty hunting.

Airdropster Telegram group

telegram airdrops airdropster

Airdropster is a platform for people looking for verified and legit crypto airdrops. The airdrops on the website are rigorously researched before being listed on the website.

Airdropster also has a Telegram group. There, the team posts regular updates on anything airdrops-related. At the moment, the group has 5.72k members.

Final words

Large and active Telegram groups are a necessary part of a marketing strategy for blockchain/crypto startups. Potential investors love to see a huge social following and a strong community.

And Telegram groups are exactly that: a stabile and strong community, whose members will support and promote a project.

The groups listed above are official and legitimate, and they will help you to find verified and worthy airdrops.